Lunch ideas for kids at school: cafeteria Vs Mom

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                Lunch ideas for kids at school is more important if we take overview of cafeteria Vs Mom meal. They become tired during school hours because of their consecutive classes. Finally, when the bell rings, kids want to eat something nourishing. Some kids feel that the food in the cafeteria is luscious than the tedious food they bring from their home. Kids get bored when they got the same things every day that want to eat something delicious in break time.

Cafeteria food is healthy lunch ideas for kids at school

                The snacks in the cafeteria attract the kids most as cafeterias have varieties of food. Kids insist on their parents to give them money, to buy food instead of taking lunch from home. If they take lunch with them, they bring it back without eating it. This is the biggest concern for mothers of the US because that food is not healthy for their kids. Those snacks look good and are mouth-watering but are not good for the health of your kid.   

Beside, in a situation like today when the world is fighting with COVID. It is not safe to eat something from the cafeteria.That might be good in taste for your although not good for the health of your child. It is very risky to eat something from the cafeteria. If a child eats something from the cafeteria. It might badly affect health. So, in a situation like this when choosing what to eat for lunch, making a healthy choice is important. Since eating a variety of healthy food gives your child energy to do stuff. It also helps your child to grow and they do not fall sick. While choosing food for your kid, think of school lunch as the fuel you put in your tank. If you choose the wrong kind of fuel, you would possibly run out of energy before the day is over.

                 Consequently, we are here to help you and give you some amazing ideas for your kid’s lunch. Some recipes that are attractive and lip-smacking, like those snacks which are available in cafeterias. But are healthy as well for your kids.


A burger is the kids most favorite food. It is also one of the most attractive food in a cafeteria that kids want to enjoy with their friends in breaktime. You can give your child the healthiest and their favorite burger so that they do not bring their burger back home and eat something from their school cafeteria. There are different kinds of burgers we are going share with you all those types of a burger so that it is easy to choose for your child because every child has its taste.

Crispy Cornflake burger

These are the crispiest burger and healthy at the same time because it has crispy cornflakes coating which adds some extra crunch into your patties. If your child is a beef lover, you can give them this crispy cornflake burger for lunch.


2 handfuls of cornflakes (25g)

Beef mince 225g

Small bunch basil leaf

2 eggs

75g plain flour

1 tbsp vegetable oil

6 each mini burger buns,  lettuce  leaves, and tomatoes slices

Tomato ketchup



First of all, heat oven to 200 C. Then, start crushing the cornflakes by placing them into the freezer bag and break with the rolling pin, and put them in a bowl.

After that tip, the mince into another bowl, add basil and a little ground pepper. For lean mince, you may need to add 1 tbsp beaten egg, which helps to stick the mince. Then mix it.

Now, put some flour on one plate and egg on another plate.

Take mince mix and shape it like a small burger but do this by squashing this firmly in the palm of your hand.

Next, roll the burger in the flour and water in the egg and crushed cornflakes.

Now, place it on the oiled baking sheet. Try to keep the size even so that the burgers cook at the same time.

Lightly drip oil onto the top of each burger using a pastry brush and bake it for almost fifteen to twenty minutes. Then take a bun and slit into two parts

Take the lower part first and put the mayonnaise on it then, ketchup, lettuce after that tomato.

Formerly, burger pattie that you have cooked then again a lettuce leaf, tomato slice, mayonnaise, ketchup, and the other split end of burger.  Now, you are ready to eat.

Chicken Burger

You can make this low-fat burger at home easily. Most of the kids like to eat a chicken burger. Every school canteen has a chicken burger on their menu because kids like chicken burger the most. However, this second last recipe in the best lunch ideas for kids at school.


4 chicken breasts

3 slices white bread, toasted

1 egg

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Half lemon juice

Lemon zest

4 tbsp reduced-fat mayonnaise

Burger Buns


Heat the grill, put the chicken breast into two pieces of cling film, and roll it with a roller till they become half of their thickness. Whizz the toast in the food processor to rough bread crumbs and then tip out on a plate.

Take another bowl, add egg, and mustard to it, and beat them. Dip the chicken into the egg, let the surplus drip back into the bowl. Then, again put some bread crumbs into it.

Put it under the grill on a flat baking sheet and grill it for almost 10 minutes, till it gets golden and crispy from both sides.

Then prepare the mixture of mayonnaise by adding lemon zest and lemon juice, black pepper, and mayonnaise.

Spread some of the mayonnaise on the bottom half of the bun, then top with the chicken breast and salad of your which can be tomato, lettuce, Onion.

Then, you are ready to serve delicious chicken burgers to your kid.

Final note

                Thus, we have told you the recipe for the two most delicious burgers of two different types of burgers with two different ingredients. Not a single child would refuse to eat these burgers. Hopefully, your kid will enjoy these burgers and will never bring the lunch back without eating it. Cafeteria burgers look the same as are available in the cafeteria but are much healthier than those.

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